I stubbled across dry brushing your skin by complete accident, was researching ways to look after your skin, remove dead skin cells, detoxify your skin, tighten your skin and came across dry brushing. Now at first I was very sceptical, I thought that this is just another money making scam, using keywords to entice people into there website. Then I decided to buy one for myself and I can honestly say that dry brushing is amazing. I've listed the benefits below,

1. Remove dead skin cells
2. Removes toxins 
3. Tighten skin
4. Help cure cellulite
5. Tones muscles
6. Helps digestion
7. Improves nervous system
8. Boosts circulation
9. Keeps pores clear
10. Stimulates sweat and oil glands to provide moisture for the skin.
11. Stimulates the lymphatic system
12. Strengthens the immune system
13. Helps with the prevention of pre-mature ageing
14. Helps prevent and smooth out stretch marks

My personal opinion on these, is I can't vouch for all of them as I’ve only been using the brush for 1 month, I can say it has improved my skin, I can feel and see the difference and I have no reason to believe that these benefits listed above are false in any way. I have read a lot of articles on dry brushing and 90% of them are all positive. Try this for yourself and feel free to comment or send me a message to let me know your thoughts on dry brushing.

Dry brushing should be done before a shower, first thing in the morning is best. It will take anywhere from 5 -15mins. You should always start at your feet first moving upwards towards your heart. Never brush away from your heart. Then start on your arms and hands, then to your back. If you skin gets irritated, do not use on that area and maybe try brushing a little softer. Remember you must shower after you dry brush to wash of the dead skin cells.