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Mission Statement
OffBeat is an online fashion retailer for the alternative and feminine eye.  With our one-off edition designs and growing customizing services, our consumers can shop with confidence in creating their own unique style beyond convention. To ‘Be OffBeat’ is a personal statement; it is a freedom of choice and expression. Our aim is to provide comfy high-quality products that promote confidence and individuality. We work with Hill Tribe women in Thailand and also a local women's refuge providing work for those in need. Our bag production is eco-friendly, we provide safe working conditions with above minimum  wage salary.

The Bogan Kid
I’m Suzette Williams, CEO of OffBeat and living in Thailand.  Born in 1982, I’m an 80’s Kid who was surrounded by hair, makeup, colour and experimentation – all of which perplexed me.  Brought up in Denmark, a small beach town near Perth, Australia, I always knew I was a little less conventional than your average child.  I was what the Aussies call a Bogan kid.  Never feeling settled and having a sense of constraint within society, the coastline became my home.  In 2012, I travelled around Thailand for several months, and knew instinctively that it was the Country I would eventually live and start my business in.  To read more of my story click here

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Rattan Bag


Hmong Tribe
All of our products are made within Thailand, unless stated otherwise.  We work closely with local Thai businesses and markets to sauce material, textile and patterns to enrich the OffBeat Brand and our products. Our lead designer makes designs most of the bags and then we give the products to single moms at home and we also work closely with a women's refuge.

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