Steaming your face has many benefits for your skin and mind. It is often used in beauty spa treatments but can easily be done in the comfort of your own home for little to no cost. Below is a list of benefits steaming has on your skin.

  1. Controls acne
  2. Boost circulation
  3. Draw blood to the surface, giving your face a warm, healthy glow
  4. Increase perspiration to remove waste and toxins.
  5. The moisture softens your skin so it can free dead skin cells, dirt and bacteria.
  6. Allows your skin to absorb other products, great before putting on a face mask.
  7. Unclog your pores
  8. Tightens skin
  9. Removes dead skin
  10. Fights ageing

Wash you face with a cleanser to remove any makeup or dirt.
Boil water, add water to a bowl. (no more than 43 degrees Celsius)
Add a couple of drops essential lavender oil or essential rosemary oil 
Put a towel over your head and the bowl keeping your face around 30cms away from the water.
You don't want to be uncomfortable but you want to feel the steaming. 
If you feel any irritation, stop the steaming. 
Steam for 3-5mins.
Once finished, rinse your face with cold water. Then apply a facemask.