Sesame oil has been used in Asian cultures for many years, it's main use is in cooking as it has many health benefits. You may like to know that sesame oil is also used in many beauty products, including lip balms, lip stick, moisturiser's, hair treatments and the list goes on. The oil itself feels thick when you apply it to your skin but it actually absorbs into your skin very quickly. Sesame oil traps in the moisture to keep your skin hydrated. We have listed below just a few of the many benefits sesame oil has on your skin and hair. 

1) Speeds up the healing process for cuts and wounds
2) Slows down aging
3) Anti inflammatory
4) Help cure skin conditions
5) High in antioxidant vitamin E which prevents free radical damage 
6) Natural sunscreen
7) Treats cracked heals, dry elbows and knees
8) Repairs damaged skin cells
9) Controls acne
10) Fades dark spots
11) Treats sun and wind burns
12) Tighten facial skin
13) Excellent massage oil 
14) Relives dry scalp - hair
15) Helps prevent hair loss - hair
16) UV protection - hair
17) Relieves dandruff - hair
18) Prevents premature greying - hair
19) Helps moisturise your hair - can be used in conjunction with your normal conditioner - hair
20) Great overnight hair mask, to soften your lushes hair.