Thailand has an abundance of handmade beaded jewelry. The jewelry is not only reasonably priced but is good quality. The most amazing pieces we have found are to be the sterling silver and beaded stone jewelry, as turquoise jewelry is such a popular colour and readily available in Thailand we have tried to add a lot of turquoise jewelry to our selection.

So as we went on our search for turquoise jewelry we also found some amazing red coral, some gorgeous red stone, mother of pearl, and lots of chunky and unique styles out there we just wanted to share them with the world. So our plan is to bring lots of colour and different materials to our jewelry collection.

We have now started up a sterling silver section with our new jewelry supplier who gets regularly checked by the Thai government for the purity of the sterling silver. Some of the pieces are just amazing, we have sterling silver rings with mother of pearl inlays, gorgeous sterling silver bracelets,, elegant sterling silver necklaces and stunning sterling silver earings.