Benefits of cleansing your skin

Understanding your skin type is very important to your daily skin care routine. Remembering that your skin is an organ, your body's largest organ so putting to many chemicals on your skin could actually be damaging it.

Your skin needs vitamins, needs to be cleansed from the dirt's and oils of your daily life, needs to be exfoliated from the dead skin cells and needs to be nourished with moisturisers and face masks.

Here are some excellent guidelines to follow for healthier looking skin.

Cleanse your face morning and night with a cleanser to suit your skin type. Cleansing at night is the most important especially if you wear make-up. Over 50% of people do not cleanse at night and this is understandable after a long day and a night out, but we must remember this is the most important time to cleanse due to all the toxins, make-up, dirt and oils that may have built up on our skin over the day, thus leading to blocked pores. Also applying a moisturiser at night before bed, will leave your skin more radiant as your skin absorbs more antioxidants and anti-aging ingredients.

Oils are also a great way to cleanse your skin and moisturise it at the same time. we recommend applying sesame oil onto your skin while it is still damp and leaving for about 2-5mins then rinsing of with warm water. Your skin will feel cleansed and moisturised all in one.  

Always make sure you have clean hands when cleansing your face. Cleanse in a gentle circular motion. Always use warm water. Always pat dry using a clean towel. When moisturising, apply in an upwards motion as if you apply downwards you could be pulling your skin down which may cause wrinkles later in life. 

Always use sunscreen, the sun is the most damaging to our skin especially if you have fair skin.