After doing extensive research on face masks, how to apply, when to apply, do we actually need to use them and if so how often do we apply a face mask? We found from own experiences and from researching that face masks are very beneficial to your skin as all skin types need reydrating and would recommend a face mask once a week to keep your skin glowing. Before applying the mask you must cleanse your face thoroughly and if possible try and steam your face first to clean out your pores. 


Face masks provide deep nourishment to your skin. They will help detoxify your skin, increase your circulation, replenish nutrients, remove toxins, moisturise, slow down ageing, even out your skin tone, diminish wrinkles, improve skin elasticiity and rejuvenate your skin. Not only are they beneficial for your skin, they are also a great relaxation. Most of our lives are very busy and we feel we don't have time to apply a face mask. The fact is that 15-20 minutes out of your week to sit back and relax can actually be very beneficial for your skin and mind.

There a many different types of face masks out there, We at offbeat boutique would recommend collagen face masks & natural remedies such as gooseberry powder, tamarind powder, thanaka powder, cucumber face mask, avocado face masks and banana and honey face masks. Remembering that every skin type is different so be careful when chosing face mask, make sure it is beneficial to your skin type.