Natural antioxidants are substances that may prevent or delay types of cell damage. Antioxidants block the process of oxidation by neutralizing free radicals, free radicals injure our cells which can damage DNA and promote disease. Hence why having fruits and vegetables in our diets is proven to fight off these free radicals that are caused by pollution, cigarette smoke, alcohol and many more. 

Studies have shown that applying these antioxidants topically will not only help reduce wrinkles, aging and fine lines but also reducing inflammation, such as in rosacea, even out your skin tone, reduce blemishes, sunspots and even help prevent skin cancer. 

It's recommended to get your anti-oxidants through foods, by eating and applying topically. Some foods that contain great antioxidant’s are gooseberry, mangosteen, blueberries, Vitamin C and the list goes on. Try and find colourful fruit and vegetables like purple, blue, orange, red and yellow.